Every Point in Human History is Amazing

Someone online once expressed a feeling a sadness over living in this day and age, before humanity has colonized space. This was my reply.

"One day, Earth will be a pale shadow of its former self and humanity will number in the trillions; most of which will live in confined, utilitarian space habitats. That will be the state of humanity from that point on. We will live on the foreign shores of alien worlds longer than we were hunter gatherers in Africa. And all the while humans will search the sky for a blue dot and wonder what it must have been like living on the world you evolved on, the world you were born for, to be able to walk through fields of grass that share your genetic code, grass that you are related to, to live on a world that doesn’t require constant supervision to maintain habitability, a world that takes care of you…"

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love nothing more than to walk across the surface of Mars. I’d jump at the chance to take a one way trip to the red planet if it was offered to me. I love space! However, just because space is amazing and just because humans are not exploring it doesn’t mean the age we live in isn’t just as amazing.

Every point in human history - past, present, and future - is amazing.